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Assisted Gas Connections

We’re helping to create warmer, more environmentally friendly homes which are easier and cheaper to heat by providing free or discounted gas connections for eligible customers.


As well as help with your connection, we may also be able to direct you to funding towards a new heating system and other related support.

The North of England has one of the highest levels of fuel poverty in England, with nearly a quarter of households estimated to spend more than 10% of their income on heating.


The scheme is designed to help homes which are in Fuel Poverty.  In general terms this would mean:

  • Household income is quite low as well as spending more than average on heating; or

  • A member of your household receives certain benefits or support due to health issues; or

  • ​The property is located within a qualifying area for support, or

  • ​Based on an assessment of your household and property circumstances

The scheme covers new or replacement gas services to existing domestic dwellings.

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