East Riding of Yorkshire Council Future Energy Scheme

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Following the success of the previouse schemes, East Riding of Yorkshire Council have secured further funding from the Governments new Home Upgrade Gant.  Enabling owner occupiers, living off the mains gas network, to benefit from a fully funded Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) system, subject to the energy rating of the dwelling and eligibility of residents.

Local residents whose property is off the gas network, having had solid fuel heating, were one of many to have an Air Source Heat Pump system installed under an East Riding of Yorkshire Coucnil scheme.

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“We are very pleased with the system, it's made a great improvement to the warmth of the property and also a difference to the amount we were spending on fuel.

We would highly recommend this type of heating system to other's".

The scheme is designed to help those residents suffering from a long-term health condition on a low income or in receipt of a specific benefit who have solid fuel, old storage heaters or portable heaters. 

The property is also required to have an Energy Performance rating of E, F or G.

The scheme allows for a fully funded complete new heating system consisting of an air source heat pump, new radiators and a hot water cylinder.  In addition loft and wall insulation and other energy saving measures are also included.

​Previouse heat pump projects have already helped lots of residents keep their homes warm in East Riding.

For further information and to check eligibility for this scheme, contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s energy efficiency team on (01482) 396180 or email energyefficiency@eastriding.gov.uk