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Energy Consultancy

We support many local authorities and social landlords with access to funding and project management.

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Home Heating Hub

Independent energy advice service for households across Cumbria, North East, Yorkshire, Humber and North Lincolnshire.


Communitas Energy CIC

Communitas Energy (CE) is a regulated not for profit Community Interest Company. We don't have shareholders and we reinvest back into the communities we work with.


We aim to make homes warmer, greener and more energy efficient.


What we do

With over 35 years’ combined experience providing sustainable energy solutions, we are experts in delivering gas connections and renewable technologies to householders.


Ofgem enabled funding, free to qualifying households

CE is licensed by Ofgem, the Energy Regulator, to operate as an approved partner to aid the delivery of Fuel Poor Gas Network Extension Schemes (FPNES). We have been working in partnership with Northern Gas Networks (NGN) since our inception and have achieved many great things together.


We are also approved by Ofgem as an Assignment of Rights Investor. This status enables us to bring renewable heat to households living off the gas network. We do this by funding heating systems and recovering the value through the Renewable Heat Incentive. We manage some of these projects in partnership with local and county councils who have secured match funding to fully fund the installation cost.


Householders and Stakeholders

We work closely with our partners and clients throughout the UK to deliver a range of professional services in the energy sector. An area of specific expertise is harnessing funding for those in fuel poverty.


We work hard to develop strong, lasting relationships you can depend upon. Core to our company values is excellent customer service; we aim to exceed expectations and consistently deliver best practice.


CE is committed to working closely with private and public organisations to better meet the energy needs of customers and communities.

Our Objectives

Eradicating Fuel Poverty: Ensuring access to affordable and sustainable energy for all, leaving no one behind

Renewable Energy Generation: Promoting clean and renewable energy sources for a greener future

Carbon Emission Reduction: Taking proactive steps to mitigate climate change and preserve our planet

Supporting Similar Organisations: Collaborating with like-minded entities to amplify our impact and drive positive change together


Our Partners

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1100 Century Way
Thorpe Park
LS15 8TU

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